Service Edge

We believe it is important for your air conditioning systems to be regularly serviced, maintained and repaired when required. We provide an after sales service of the highest standard, to our customer base.

Routine maintenance of commercial HVAC systems is a requirement of the New Zealand Building Code, and ensures that the HVAC systems continue to perform as per their design intent in accordance with the buildings compliance schedule.

We understand the importance of air conditioning to you, therefore we want to make sure your system is functioning for you when you need it most.

Our Air conditioner Service Technicians are licensed and fully trained in the most up to date systems available, providing service and maintenance to domestic, commercial and industrial air conditioning, refrigeration and mechanical ventilation systems.

Our scope of work includes service and maintenance to domestic, commercial and industrial air conditioning, refrigeration and mechanical ventilation systems. The range of Service provided also includes 24-hour breakdown service.

Our service edge training and highly skilled tradesman is the key to business model. 

ABS also undertakes service projects on a variety of applications, including commercial office buildings, hospitals, schools and universities, property maintenance, residential high-rise and domestic applications.

ABS is compliant to the Code of Practice for the Construction Industry and we comply with all requirements under Work Health and Safety regulations and environmental legislation.

Maintenance Service Contracts

Service contracts are structured around compliance schedule requirements meaning the HVAC plant may require quarterly or monthly checks. The checks completed by our qualified technicians are provided as a report that includes any in-discrepancies needing maintenance to minimise the chances of equipment failure. Be sure to ask us about our regular maintenance plans to see what best suits your system.

IQP Certified

Being IQP (Independent Qualified Person) certified we carry out independent reports and audits of your existing HVAC plant. We welcome the opportunity to provide maintenance proposals for new clients.

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If you’d like us to visit your site and provide you with a maintenance proposal contact our Service Manager

Air quality
  • Fresh air
  • Air change rate
  • Air pressure
  • Air circulation
  • Humidity control
  • Filter maintenance
  • Removing dust & bacteria
  • Removing pollen
  • Removing smells
  • Removing moisture
  • Oxygen replenishment
  • Quality control
Thermal Comfort
  • Temperature Control
  • Humidity Control
  • Air Flows
  • Thermal Systems
  • Testing/Monitoring
  • Improvements
  • Energy Calculations and Saving stratagies